Bicep -Workout

Hammer curls exercise is a type of movement variation from basic bicep curls.

Hammer curls will help in developing the bicep peaks.

Hammer curl increases your bicep size and strength, increase wrist stability, and also improve your grip strength.

How to do it:

bicep curl

Stand well and grasp your dumbbell with neutral; grip. Keep your chest up and the shoulder positioned pull back.

Ensure your elbows position is lined up straight with shoulder joint or slightly positioned in front.

As your shoulders are set, then squeeze the dumbbell handle and maintain the wrist rigidity without any extension or flexion and try to focus as strict as with your elbow flexion.

Lift your dumbbell paralleled, most of the gymers come with thumb in shoulder height position.

Avoid lifting your dumbbell too high.

Once you reach the hammer curl top position, flex your biceps and squeeze handle and elicit the muscle contraction in forearms.

While keeping your elbow position under shoulder, return your dumbbell to the starting position with slow and control.


Last modified: 28th December 2020