More legumes, vegetables and whole grains? Check. Lots of flavour, with fun and exciting ingredients? Absolutely.

Plant-based proteins are emphasized in Canada’s new food guide. So, if you’re curious about what a meal featuring plant-based proteins looks like for dinner, and how to incorporate them into your cooking at home, we’ve put together a roster of dishes that are not only healthy, but also eye-catching, mouth-wateringly delicious flavour bombs. (Because eating healthily should never be boring.)

Plant-based recipes

Photo, Erik Putz.

Pork and tofu cakes

Eating plant-based foods more often doesn’t have to eliminate meat protein all together. In this recipe we’ve blended both together—not only is the result delicious, it’s the perfect way to ease into adding different ingredients (like tofu) to the menu. Get our pork and tofu cakes recipe.

How to make a mushroom grain bowl


Last modified: 26th November 2020