For weightlifters and bodybuilders, massage therapy can prove an important tool to maintain mental and physical health. Besides helping to prevent injuries, massage therapy can also help you perform better as well. Here are some of the benefits of massage therapy that should help you to see why this kind of treatment can benefit serious weightlifters and bodybuilders.

1. Massage Therapy Improves Flexibility

All forms of weight training can benefit from added flexibility. When lifting, a full range of motion is of the utmost importance. You can only achieve that full range of motion with adequate flexibility.

When you do your training, the strain will tear your muscle fibers. As the tissue heals, it will come closer together than it was prior to the tearing. Over time, this process can limit your flexibility and range of motion severely. Without some mitigation of this process, you can also increase your chances of injury.

Massage therapy can help stretch those muscle fibers and release muscle tension. The techniques involved can vary depending on which muscle group the massage therapy targets.

A professional massage therapist can help lessen or eliminate those soft tissue adhesions that can hold you back. In these ways, massage therapy helps keep you from developing injuries while also helping to improve your ability to do more with your routine.

2. Massage Therapy Improves Circulation

Breathing is an important aspect of lifting. Breath control and proper breathing techniques help make movements smooth and steady. More importantly, as you breathe, your blood delivers oxygen throughout your body and your muscles.

The damage you do to your muscles while training requires blood flow to facilitate healing and repairing. As the damage to your muscles increase, the blood has a harder time delivering energy to the muscles and removing waste from them. Your blood flow will start to lower, and your muscles will start to suffer for it.

Massage therapy can improve your circulation as well as your breathing. That improvement can help you heal faster after training and make the soft tissue of your muscles stronger and healthier. You will have more effective training and a faster recovery time between training sessions.

3. Massage Therapy Reduces Pain

If your training turns painful, you may have an injury from overworking your muscles. Pain is subjective, but if pain invades your workout and causes you an undue amount of discomfort, then you should take a rest from your routine. Pain is a sign something’s wrong. Even a little pain can completely ruin the efficiency of your training.

Massage therapy helps to alleviate pain and condition your muscles so you can train and perform in peak condition. The therapy techniques can help promote healing, which reduces pain, and can help relieve tension, which can increase your comfort level while training.

The reduction in stress and tension represents a benefit all its own. Many people who seriously lift can find it hard to relax. Even if there’s no pain involved, tension can make proper lifting difficult.

Since massage therapy promotes tension release, learning to relax yourself will help give you better physical and psychological health. This all, in turn, can help to improve your performance.

4. Massage Therapy Improves Your Technique

Massage therapy improves your form, which helps with lifting technique. No matter what form of weight training or bodybuilding you undertake, there’s a right way and a wrong way of going about it.

Sometimes, people lift improperly because they don’t know proper technique, but sometimes it’s because they simply don’t have the physicality to do the training properly. Improper training techniques can lead to injuries. Massage therapy helps get a body into the proper condition to perform training the right way. This is similar to why stretching is very important, but to a greater degree.

In addition, massage therapy can help no matter your level of expertise. People new to lifting should consider massage therapy, but advanced and practiced lifters should consider massage as well. Even with proper form, muscles experience different types of stresses depending on the individual.

A newbie may not have the same issues concerning lifting as an advanced lifter, but an advanced lifter can still have issues when it comes to maintaining the health of their muscles. After all, advanced tends to imply advanced techniques, which usually will add different types of tensions on soft tissue and joints.

Weightlifting and bodybuilding isn’t just about the physical activities involved. Proper technique also includes taking rests, getting sleep, relaxing one’s body, and paying close attention to physical and mental health. Massage therapy facilitates improvements in all these areas, which is what can make it a lifter’s best friend.

To learn more about how massage therapy, chiropractic care, or physical therapy can help your performance, contact the Burgman Chiropractic Clinic today. We’ll help you make the most of your weightlifting workouts.


Last modified: 7th March 2021