Vegan food has this ridiculous reputation of lacking flavor, monotone textures, and not giving that ‘full’ filling. If you feel this way, I promise that you’ve just got the wrong recipes. Take this quote for example:

There was a time-a lonely, lonely time-when salads were a pale and limp affair, relegated to the side of your plate, practically weeping. I think those dark days were also known as the ’80s.
– Isa Chandra Moskowitz, Celebrity Vegan Chef

In this article, we’ll be busting that bland myth right open with our 9 best vegan recipes. These easy vegan recipes will make you the star of the show at the next office potluck, summer picnic, or birthday party.

In this article we’ve got nine delicious vegan recipes that are healthy and easily homemade. Whether you’re looking to improve your diet or just want something new and tasty, these dishes will make your next meal a joy.


Last modified: 1st November 2020