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You know your back hurts, but you may not know why, or what to do about it. Find out how doctors diagnose back problems and what tests may be involved.

  1. How is Back Pain Diagnosed? Before a doctor can begin treating back pain, they may do tests to diagnose what is causing your problem. Learn about theses possible tests and treatments for your pain.
  2. Choosing a Doctor for Back Pain Get tips on selecting a doctor.
  3. Questions for Your Doctor About Back Pain Ask your doctor these questions about causes, treatments, and living better with back pain.
  4. What Kind of Back Problem Do You Have? Find out how doctors diagnose back problems.
  5. Back Pain Tests Learn what to expect when you see your doctor about back pain.
  6. Spinal X-Ray Spinal X-rays are pictures of the spine. They may be taken to find injuries or diseases that affect the discs or joints in your spine.


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Last modified: 23rd December 2020