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Dumbbell Concentration Curl is one of the biceps exercises I do. Some of you may think that direct bicep workout is not necessary because other compound exercises have actually worked on our biceps. However, Concentration Curls works well for some people, partly due to the psychological effect.


For those who know the biceps anatomy well, the long head (lateral head) of the biceps is worked out more than the short head (medial head) in Dumbbell Concentration Curl workout.

You have to concentrate on the biceps contraction and on being strict to make this exercise effective.



  1. Sit on a chair or an end of a flat bench. Spread your legs apart into a V and lean forward slightly.
  2. Grasp the dumbbell in one hand with your palm facing upward.
  3. Rest your elbow on the inside of your thigh and let the dumbbell hang.
  4. Rest your other hand on the top of your other thigh for support.
  5. Slowly curl the weight up to the front of shoulder while keeping the torso, upper arm and elbow still.
  6. Stop when the weight is 90° (or slightly more) from your elbow joint. At the top of the curl, the biceps are taking the full stress of the weight. Pause at this position for one count if possible.
  7. Under control, lower the weight down, stop before your arm is fully extended. Your elbow should not be locked at this stage. Reverse the motion up.
  8. Perform the same exercise for the other arm.
  9. Do 3 sets with 8 to 12 repetitions for each set.



  • Start it with low-weights and great form.
  • You really need to concentrate on the biceps contraction and on being strict to make this exercise effective. Think about nothing but your bicep. Just stay focus.
  • Do not curl the weight to the chest. It should be curled to the shoulder.
  • You can try this – while lifting, twist the wrist a bit so that your little finger ends up higher than your thumb.
  • If you are using heavier weight, you can use another hand to assist on the last few “cheat” repetitions.


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