ROI from blogging

82% of marketers notice positive ROI from blogging,
but this is only the first example of your profit from content marketing.
Here are the 6 guaranteed benefits you’ll get as a marketer if you join Adsy.

Marketers’ Benefits of Content Marketing:

  • Guaranteed ROI and lasting results
    that will come with the articles you publish.
    They stay on the site, as well as the traffic coming from them.
    The backlinks will keep bringing you clients even when you stop purchasing new ones.

  • Constant impact on your business growth different from impressive, but short-term results you get with paid ads.

  • Impact on about 50% of purchasing decisions of your customers.

  • Up to 434%
    more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links.

  • Loyalty and trust of your audience.

  • Boosted visibility, brand recognition, awareness, and credibility.

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I Want My Content Marketing Advantages

Last modified: 30th October 2020