Trust him, it was not easy at all.

First, he had to overcome drug and alcohol abuse. Second, before turning to plant based food only he was a cog in the meat industry machinery and knowing what he does now could possibly convert some of the most stubborn carnivores.

It took him some time after leaving his job of a butcher to realise there is another way to stay fit, healthy and strong. Transition from a meat eater to a full plant based diet vegan took him about 4 years.

According to his own words, he was practically addicted to meat, consuming it in far larger quantities than a regular person.

But the change didn’t occur overnight.

He already knew firsthand how detrimental the meat industry is for his body, so he started to slowly avoid pork and veil. It was the chicken that was the most problematic and he used to eat 3 to 4 chicken breasts every day.

He and his wife had very different ways transitioning to plant based foods. He did it in several long steps, finally ditching chicken and then turning his attention to the last culprit – the eggs.

He claims that from that day on he feels great, he’s full of strength and not to mention, a regular guest on different podcast shows [1].

To learn more about his amazing story, watch this video to see how he went from butcher to outspoken vegan:


Last modified: 31st January 2021