By Dr. Molly Casey

Chiropractic for Back Pain

“Doc, I think my back pain is muscular. Can chiropractic help?” The short answer, yes. The longer answer, keep reading.

Muscles are the fibrous bands of tissue that help your body maintain position and, when contracted, help produce movement. They’re important but most often you realize their importance when you’ve hurt one.

Muscle Function and Performance

Muscles perform and function based on the information they receive through nerves. Those nerves are part of the communication system that travels throughout the body. Specific nerves from specific areas of the spine travel to specific body parts. Information/impulses that originate in the brain are carried through the nervous system to their respective end points in the body. Those endpoints, in this case muscles, receive and send back information through the nerves, up the spinal cord and to the brain for processing. You live your entire life through this communication system.

Irritated Muscles

Muscles can be hurt or irritated for a number of different reasons, including trauma, strains (a pulled muscle) or overuse. When any of these three situations are present, there is a cleanup and healing process that must occur. An individual needs their communication system to be functioning at its optimal level to assure the healing process is carried out to the highest possible level.

Spinal Restrictions, or ‘Misalignments’

When joints in the spine are fixated or not moving correctly, the muscles that attach to them are then utilized in ways that don’t optimize proper health and function. This further exacerbates any muscle irritation or level of dysfunction.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments help restore motion and function to spinal joints. In doing so, any muscular tension that was resulting from the misalignment is freed and, more importantly, it clears the pathways for optimal nervous system flow. This means your communication system (the one that tells your muscles what to do and how to clean up messes) functions at a higher level. The end result is that you’re healthier. Inflammation decreases and muscle performance increases.

The next time you wonder if your chiropractor can help with that “muscle problem,” know that yes, directly or indirectly, you’ll benefit from quality chiropractic care that optimizes the function of your joints and central nervous system. Come see us at The Joint Chiropractic. We’re glad to help!

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Last modified: 4th December 2020