Welcome to McFitDad, the place where people choose a plant based diet over animal products as a primary energy source. This site will help you come closer to the plant-based lifestyle for fitness, training, and much more.

The plant-based diet, or vegan diet, essentially means the exclusion of meat and all animal products. The vegan diet is based on dietary choices that are gaining extreme popularity throughout the world.

Incorporating a plant based diet allows us to avoid all the pitfalls around eating animal products such as cholesterol, saturated fats and inflammationcausing chemicals

At McFitDad, personal fitnessis  uncomplicated– understand your goals, follow a plant based diet, track the progress and get results.

Why Follow Plant-Based Diet?

McFitDad, as your vegan fitness coach, makes you familiar with all the pros and cons of plants based eating.

People following plant-based diets generally consume more carbs and nutrients as compared to meat-eaters. The media and animal food companies have done a great job of scaring people away from carbs. However, carbs are how we,as humans,generate energy and are a vital macro nutrient.

People interested in losing weightand gaining lean muscleenjoy plant-based diets.On a plant based diet,our body gets more carbohydrates,fiber,proteins, and nutrients from the plants sources, whichare much more efficient than meat diets.

McFitDad edifies people to lead a healthy, vegan, and fit lifestyle.

Going for vegan-friendly high-calorie diet assists in achieving fitness goals.

Transitioning to Veganism, Vegetarianism, or Plant-Based Diet might sound overwhelming, but it’s not!  

Why McFitDad?

McFitDad adds sense to your fitness lifestyle by bestowing a vegan and flexible nutrition approach.

From meat/animal-based diet to 100% plant-based, the transitioning process can be long and complicated, but with McfitDad, you can make it possible.

McFitDad specializes in vegan online training.

With plant-based balanced diet plans and flexible nutrition (calorie and food intake) programs, McFitDad helps you achieve fitness goals.

To lose or gain weight, gain strength, transitioning to vegan lifestyle, health & fitness, and progressing overall wellbeing, McfitDad would be a perfect choice.

At McFitDad, you encounter with customized plant-based meal plans to attain the desired body vitality.

Here, you can connect for 1-on-1 vegan personal training or be a part of specialized training programs.

Please contact me should you be interested in the following:

  • Customized plant-based meal plans
  • Online fitness training and coaching programs
  • 1-on-1 vegan personal trainer programs
  • Expert techniques and methods to perform all forms of exercises
  • Motivation to accomplish your fitness goals


Last modified: 28th January 2021