The World’s Most Amazing Military Grade TC 1200 Flashlight

About the amazing, military-grade flashlight

This is an amazing, near-indestructible amazing, military-grade flashlight that brings space expeditions and military operations close to ordinary people like you and me.

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Specifications of the amazing military-grade flashlight

This is a TC12OO FLASHLIGHT that can:

– radiates to two nautical miles
– blinding 1200 lumens
= aircraft aluminium housing
– 5 lighting modes
– 25 times brighter than a normal flashlight
– Sold in bundles – amazing for gifts
= 30 day warranty
– FREE SHIPPING for a limited time
– Military Grade meaning that the flashlight is near equal in quality and performance as a military issued variant
– Dimensions = 5.09 in X 1.90 inches
– Weight = 5.6 oz (excluding batteries)
– (AAA) or 18650 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery
* Batteries not included

How to claim your FREE, amazing, military grade flashlight

? Go here to get your free tactical, military flashlight at

Reviews of the TC1200 Military grade flashlight

Over five hundred customers have provided good reviews about this flashlight. Here are a few

My husband loves it! He comes in from the barn around midnight & uses it to see. Also to spot wild animals at night. – Cynthia B.

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