Bicep -Workout

An intense bicep workout, when done with the correct form and intensity, can help you build and develop the “trophy muscle” of bodybuilding.

Not sure about all this “trophy” lore? You’re not alone. Most body experts agree, the chest and back are the most important muscle groups to achieve a super-impressive, hard and lean physique. But either way, the biceps are a close second and are important to an overall great physique.

When someone says flex, you’re probably going to show them your “guns,” not your back. So a solid bicep workout needs to be near the top of your list to achieve a balanced, lean, and muscular build.

You will also work your biceps when you are doing many back exercises, such as chin-ups and supinated bent-over rows, to name a few.

The exercises below are our Top 5 Best Bicep exercises, but first let’s understand the basics of the biceps.

Bicep Structure and Function

Bicep Structure and Function

Bicep Structure and FunctionThe biceps muscle is a two-headed muscle, hence the prefix “bi.”  The formal name is the biceps brachii, but is mainly referred to in the vernacular as the biceps.  The biceps muscle is located on the front (anterior) of the upper arm, connecting the shoulder blade to the elbow.

The biceps consist of a long and a short head, and each head has its own point of origin on the shoulder blade, but connect to the elbow (at the radius bone in the forearm) at one point.

Two additional, smaller muscles of the biceps are the brachialis and the brachioradialis, but your main focus should be on the biceps brachii.

The function of the biceps is to bend and extend the arm, as well as rotating the forearm in each direction (supination and flexion).

Top 5 Exercises for Your Bicep Workout


Last modified: 18th November 2020