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Veganism is the new buzzword all over the world, with health fanatics steadily moving to a vegan diet for purported health advantage and the ethics about the treatment of animals. It has not only got the general population to take to this new form of living but also many athletes, sportsmen, and bodybuilders.
However, to get the same amount of proteins from the plant-based diet as from animal diet is quite severe. Hence, it requires a measured form of eating the right proteins and in proper quantities in order to extract maximum protein. It is of paramount importance to athletes and bodybuilders as a lot of energy and calories are burned in physical activity and, thus need to be replaced with good proteins to get the desired effects.
Many studies have proven that a high-protein-diet is needed for losing fat and building muscle. The maximum protein intake for a bodybuilder should be between 0.8 grams and 1.2 grams per pound of bodyweight on a daily basis. This is where most vegan bodybuilders face problems. Proteins derived from animal meat and poultry is much more than plants. For instance, a cup of boiled spinach has only 5 grams of protein, while an egg contains around 57 grams of protein per pound. Hence, it is much easier to stick to a non-vegan diet to get proteins and build body mass.
However, one should not jump to conclusions so quickly. Vegan bodybuilding for beginners can be tough but not impossible. It is undoubtedly a herculean task to get proteins from a plant-based diet, but there are ways and means to build up muscle for vegans. This Vegan Bodybuilding cookbook will help you with all the answers!


Last modified: 10th December 2020