As many of you all know, I am a chiropractic student here in Atlanta.

I thought I’d just dispell some stereotypes and myths about chiropractic and explain how it is VERY important in the bodybuilding/weight training/pro sports communities.

Chiropractor does not translate into “back doctor” we do nothing about the back. We dont treat back pain. We dont TREAT any SYMPTOM or SIGN…we go to the source of the problem and give the body an optimal environment to maintain homeostasis and to function optimally.

Now why do I think its so important to muscle building? if anybody here understands muscle physiology then they will understand but I will break it down for you easily by this small example:

Deltoid muscle is innervated by the axillary nerve, which is located at cord segments C5, C6…when there is a sublixation, (improper alignment of vetebral bodies) the nerve is impinged and causes interference. The only way your deltoid muscles function is by your brain sending motor neurons through that peripheral nerve! If there is interference, that muscle CANNOt function optimally..if anything it can become diseased, injured, or worse–shrink! ShrinK? yes shrink..why? because muscles need blood (nutrients) AND nerves to maintain/grow…without that electrical stimulus from the nerve, the muscle will atrophy..

this might not become a problem at first, but after a while, that nerve becomes worse and worse due to the sublixation and people wonder why they are “having problems growing” and they automatically assume its genetics and live with it…

How about seeing that it COULD be a sublixation causing interference of mental impulses (motor neurons) to that muscle?

believe me, there is more to chiropractic than just back pain therapy..

Ask any professor/doctor at my school…they are famous WORLDWIDE with athletes of all countries (olympic athletes mind you) and professional athletes all over the area..why? cuz chiro works..simple as that..

questions? comments?


Last modified: 10th January 2021